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Meet Greg


Greg is a retired Colonel in the U.S. Army. In 1987, Greg enlisted as a Private in the U.S. Army. He served in various positions on active duty, the Reserves, the National Guard, and the IRR for over 30 years. Some highlights include: Infantry Platoon at Fort Knox, KY. , MI Detachment Commander in the 20th Special Forces Group, G2X in Bosnia, Military Intelligence Detachment Commander in the 3100 Strategic Intelligence Group, Liaison Officer 525 Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (BfSB), Camp Victory, Iraq, Military Intelligence Mentor in South Sudan and Kenya, and Senior Intelligence Analyst Detachment 3, JAC, WPAFB. Greg retired as a full Colonel in 2017 while serving as USAREUR Branch Chief, Intelligence and Security Cooperation Wiesbaden, Germany.

Teaching and Education

Greg has been in education for over 27 years. Greg started teaching with JCPS as a substitute teacher, and then as an Instructor II, and finally as a full-time teacher. Greg has taught Technology and Social Studies classes at both the Middle and High School level. Greg earned his PhD in Education in 2016.


B.A. International Relations with a Minor in Economics from Northern Illinois University

M.A. Political Science from the University of Louisville

PhD Education from Northcentral University

Why I’m running for Congress

Politicians have failed the country by sowing division and hatred among the citizens of this great country. The strategy of pitting different groups against one another is not a winning strategy for the nation. I am running for Congress to refocus the national priorities on the core issues that Make Americans United and Proud. 

Americans are United and Proud when:

  • Parents have a voice and choice in the education of their children
  • When families and children are supported and recognized as the future of the nation
  • When children are not taught to hate the country but are taught to love this country for all it has to offer them and the world
  • When politicians recognize that never ending budget deficits are unsustainable and that they must balance the nation’s budgets just like every business and individual
  • When the government recognizes that individuals have the right to make their own choices, chart their own destiny, and are not governed by intrusive federal mandates
  • When the American military is strong enough to defend freedom both at home and abroad
  • When the federal government works to support businesses in creating a prosperous America
  • When election integrity is prioritized to ensure that every legal vote is counted, and our representative democracy is strengthened
  • When the rule of law is upheld
  • When individuals are not judged by the color of their skin but on the content of their character
  • When the environment is prioritized to ensure a healthy and sustainable future
  • When government works to provide an environment where everyone can engage in their own personal pursuit of happiness

Greg on the Issues


Greg is pro-environment and believes that we need to take care of this planet in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Greg believes in legal immigration. Unregulated immigration hurts Americans by flooding the jobs market with an over supply of workers that reduce wages of all Americans.

Budget and the Deficit

Greg is for requiring that the federal government to live within its means just like states, businesses, and individual Americans.

2nd Amendment

Greg is a proponent of the 2nd Amendment and gun owner. He will fight to defend this Constitutional right against those who seek to impose limits on that right.

Big Tech

Greg is in favor of reining in the abusive practices of social media companies and possibly regulating them as public utilities in order to protect freedom of speech and the interests of the American people.


Like it or not, we are already in a Cold War with China. They aim to impose their totalitarian vision of the world by bullying, economic coercion, and military action. Greg will work to ensure that the American government takes the China threat to democracy seriously before it is too late.


Greg is for providing federally funded school vouchers to parents so they can have more of a voice in their child’s education. Let the money follow the child to whichever school the parent chooses.


Greg is opposed to federal mask and vaccine mandates. Individuals should be able to decide what is best for themselves.

Pro Life

Greg Puccetti believes in the sanctity of life and is against federal funding of organizations that promote abortions.